UCLA Linguist Kie Zuraw in 2023

Kie Ross Zuraw

3125 Campbell Hall, Box 951543
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543
phone: 310-825-0634
e-mail: kie@ucla.edu

Research interests

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Research output

If the link to the title doesn't let you access the article, try the link for the pre-print version. Pre-print versions are not identical to final published versions.

Past PhD (co-)advisees, and currently dissertating ones

Teaching and course materials

Winter 2024

Articles about teaching and learning

These are also listed above under Research output.

Past UCLA courses

For courses with no link, if you were enrolled you can see if the course website is still accessible by logging in to UCLA's Bruin Learn system. Links below will yield syllabi and sometimes handouts and more.

Past special courses outside UCLA

Free software

maxent.ot, by Connor Mayer, Adeline Tan, and Kie Zuraw (2022)

UCLA FeaturePad

Webtoon: The Comic Guide to Linguistics

If you ever wished you could read about linguistics topics in comics format on your phone, check out The Comic Guide to Linguistics