Kie Zuraw

UCLA Linguistics

Ling 201A

Phonological Theory II

Winter 2018

Mondays & Wednesdays 2:00-3:50 in Campbell 3122

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Almost everything here is a PDF file, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar software) to view and print.

How to make fancy brackets in MS Word
and here is a Word version that you can copy the examples from

Course information

Kie's student hours: day & amp; TBA, in Campbell 3122A


Lecture handouts

Study questions and study guides for readings

Tips on reading scholarly articles

Problem sets

I'll usually post two versions of each assignment:

  1. the PDF version, which is best for viewing and printing
  2. a MS Word version, with fonts embedded, so that you can (I hope) copy and paste data to your write-up


Bruce Hayes's OTSoft
If you give it candidates, constraints, and constraint violations, it gives you a constraint ranking (if there is one) and makes nice tableaux for you.
Also runs Gradual Learning Algorithm and MaxEnt OT

Staubs et al.'s OT-Help
Accepts OTSoft-format input files.
Will rank your constraints in standard OT, but will also give Harmonic Grammar constraint weights--and implements serial versions of both.

Floris van Vugt's Marpa-OT
Lets you make an OT tableau in a spreadsheet program and then convert it into code you can paste into a LaTeX document.

Feature chart and definitions by Bruce Hayes
includes handy Excel spreadsheet

free software (Windows only) for learning about and manipulating features

Floris van Vugt's Pheatures
A modern Java version of FeaturePad, with many improvements!

SIL International
Fonts, software, and more. To go straight to free fonts, click here.

The International Phonetic Association (IPA)
Various useful things, including a mention of how to get phonetics fonts for TeX/LaTeX (click on "fonts" in the menu on the left).

Doug Arnold's LaTeX for Linguists pages
How to do various linguistic things in LaTeX: IPA symbols, OT tableaux, autosegmental representations, glossing, trees...

Basic information on all the world's languages.

Speech Internet dictionary (SIPhTrA)
By John Maidment

Online sounds from the UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive
Includes an IPA chart that you can click on to hear sounds

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