Kie Zuraw

UCLA Linguistics

Quantitatve models of phonological variation

Seoul National University, Department of Linguistics block seminar

September 2012

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 16:00-18:50 in 14-2126 now in 2-320

Excet for labs, such as Thursday Sept. 6, when we meet in 102-202

Almost everything here is a PDF file, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar software) to view and print.

Course information

Kie's student hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00-13:00, in 3-302


Lecture handouts

  1. Introduction to variation: lexical vs. free variation, lexical selection, multi-site variation
    Data files from class:
  2. Quantifying variation in rule theories: variable rules, linear regression, logistic regression
    Data files from class:
  3. In-class lab; model selection
    Data files from class: Data files for in-class lab:
  4. Model comparison, cont'd; Probability distributions over OT rankings
    Data files from class:
  5. Probability distributions over OT rankings II: Stochastic OT and the Gradual Learning Algorithm
    Data files from class:
  6. Convergence and the GLA; lab
    Data files from class:
  7. noisy Harmonic Serialism; lab
    Data files from class:
  8. Maximum Entropy constraint models; lab
    Data files from class:
  9. MaxEnt loose ends; harmonically bounded candidates; grammar architecture
    Data files from class:

Readings and reading questions


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